But, on the inside, you feel like a hot mess! The truth is, no one’s got it all figured out, even though we try to convince ourselves otherwise. We all feel anxious, uncertain, and overwhelmed at times. And you know what? That's perfectly normal!

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On the outside, it looks like you have it


together ...

you have it

On the outside, it looks like

Learn my tips for handling the ups and downs of your home life, job, relationships, mental health, and everything in between!

Are you ready to cultivate more balance in your life?

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Hey there! I'm Autumn, a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor from the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, PA. 

I’ve helped over 200 clients overcome mental barriers, challenge limiting beliefs, and navigate life as diverse individuals in our ever-changing, emotionally demanding society. 

My therapy sessions are infused with pieces of my personality, humor, and heart, creating a comfortable and safe space for you to share and grow. I'll guide and support you as you make mindful and intentional changes toward living an authentic and empowered life.

So, if you're ready to take that first step toward healing, schedule a free consultation with me today!

Therapy can be relational and fun.

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"Autumn, thank you for being exactly who I needed! I'm grateful that I connected with you and want you to know what a huge influence you have had on my life. You guided me through really rough patches of my life. I appreciate you!"

"When I came to you seeking guidance, you never told me what to do. Instead, you encouraged me to dig deep and find my voice and aspirations. I appreciate your support and guidance in helping me to discover what I truly needed."

"Thank you for listening and allowing me to be myself. I never imagined I'd become such a fan of therapy! I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a therapist."

"Healing is for Us" Monstera Notebook

Built with portability and writing space in mind, the "Healing is for Us" notebook is a perfect companion for self-reflection and personal growth. It will quickly become your go-to notebook for journaling, note-taking, completing therapy homework, and more!

limited edition item

5.5" x 8.5" notebook with glossy cover
80 pages of high-quality, lined paper
BONUS: Includes insert with 6 journal prompts tailored for high-achieving individuals